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The Best Spring Ever! Hydrangeas...?

There can't be anyone in Newfoundland right now who is NOT thankful for the wonderful spring we are having. In the landscaping industry, we are a full month ahead and most of all of our plants are as well.

I've been visiting many of your beautiful gardens on the Northeast Avalon and one shrub doesn't seem to as ahead as one might think it should be: the Hydrangea.

The first picture is a Nikko Blue Hydrangea ( very common in Newfoundland the non-woody macrophylla). A few weeks ago, I pruned it lightly and the leaves are slowly coming out. This shrub is very sheltered and in full sun. If your blue hydrangea is more exposed, it may not be out as far as this one. Don't worry! It will come along. I personally think we didn't have enough snowfall for them this year.

The second photo is a panicle hydrangea Limelight. Another common woody hydrangea you may be familiar with is the Pee Gee. These are even slower to come along- and I have a whole hedge of these! I immediately called my colleagues Mark Bowering and Sean Kennedy over at Bowering Gardens and they say "whatever you do, don't prune it back too hard because it won't bloom!" So I haven't. But I'm anxious. I keep reminding myself that this is only May. This is Newfoundland.

I'm so grateful to see green leaves and feel the warm sun on my skin. I think I'll go make some compost tea to give my hydrangeas an extra boost.

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