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Spruce Hedging

What a crazy week I had last week. So many wonderful projects happening here in Newfoundland. I love everyone's enthusiasm for beautifying their property!

During my consultations, two clients had similar issues where I provided the same solution:  Spruce Hedging.

This image I got from a Real Estate website and the listing is no longer there to give credit.  The trees provide a loose foreground to the many angles and features of the house.  Make no mistake however! There is work involved to make it look like this.  Annual pruning invites dense, thick growth.


Another spruce hedging from fasttrees Click on the image and it will give you some additional care instructions. 

I think in a post a few years ago I mentioned my non-preference for the wooden fence.  It's not that I don't like wood, it's just that it's over used! 

I would love to see more of these in Newfoundland.  You will never need to paint our stain a spruce hedge!

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Reader Comments (2)


In your June 4, 2012 entry you had a photo of an English Cottage style house with a spruce hedge. I actually purchased this very house in September 2013. It is located in the historic downtown area of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am writing because the couple we purchased the house from butchered this very hedge! They cut all the lower branches turning it into some kind of topiary hybrid hedge. Can you please recommend a fertilizer that I can use to promulgate lush growth? Should I put mulch on the soil? How about river rocks in a smallish size or would that be even worse for the roots of this poor hedge? How much should I water the hedges and what can I do to fix the carnage? I can send pics of the after but you might be appalled. I know I was heartbroken when I spotted your "before" pics

Oh my goodness! That hedge was so beautiful! Yes please email me some pics and I will help out any way I can!

June 2, 2013 | Registered CommenterJeannette French

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