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::Maple Trees::

To keep your Maple healthy, fertilize once in spring with tree fertilizer spikes inserted into the ground at the edge of the plant. If your Maple requires any limb removal, it can only be done in summer. Sap runs so quickly in a Maple in late winter and spring, it won't stop if cut at the wrong time of year. Be sure to rake all Maple leaves off the lawn before winter as their accumulation can seriously damage your grass!


::Hanging Baskets::

I got this great tip from Mark Bowering of Bowering Ponds and Gardens:

Line the bottom of you hanging basket with a diaper- yes, I said diaper!!!

This only works if you are making the baskets yourself of course.  Open the diaper up, spread it as wide as possible. Remove the thin top guaze layer so the fuzz is exposed.  Put you soil and plants on top!  The diaper will retain moisture so the basket will not dry out as quickly.  I still recommend watering everyday throughout the summer. If you forget, your diaper will act as a back up!



Rhodos have shallow feeder roots so some care is required when working around the base of this shrub. Use caution when using your hand weeder! Spread at least 2-3 inches of mulch around the base to retain moisture and prevent weeds. Rhodos love moisture but they do not like standing water. If you have drooping leaves this may be an indicator of root rot from poorly drained soil.  You can also underplant a rhododendron with shade-loving perennials like bleeding hearts or ferns to keep their roots protected and cool.


::Over-Pruning Evergreens::

We all have a tendancy to 'limb' our evergreens very high up the trunk.  While this may have a purpose for safely walking through the woods, aesthetically in your garden, it is best to keep the limbs low to the ground.  Grass is difficult to grow underneath evergreen trees so, by keeping the limbs low you can hide bare patches!


Homeade(Organic) Pest Control

You can make your own organic pesticide in from simple things you have on hand in the kitchen.  Blend 1/2 cup hot peppers ( jalepeno or scotch bonnett) 1 crushed garlic clove and two cups of water. Pour into a spray bottle and spray all over affected plant. Say good bye to bugs and harmful chemicals!