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::Winterizing container Trees and Shrubs::

This is taken directly from this month's Gardening Life Magazine:

Option 1-Keeping Container Outdoors:

Wood, fibreglass and plastic containers weather best; clay may crack.  To insulate roots, sink containers into the ground or wrap the container in layers of heavy duty plastic or bubble wrap and then burlap to endure the cold. Place stakes in the pot and wrap burlap around the plant to protect from wind and heavy snow.

Option 2-Move into a garage or unheated shed:

Water the plant until frost and then throw snow on soil surface to supply gradual moisture. Elevate the pot on bricks or chocks.


::Circular Driveway that gets a lot of snow::

This client's driveway had a a center circle that was open to many possiblities. A fountain? a nice shrub border with seating?  All options were considered but mother nature won out.  A nice pattern in stamped concrete proved to be both stylish and low maintenance.Img_0358


::Daisy Design on CBC::

We are taping two gardening episodes for the TV Show Living Newfoundland and Labrador with Krista Rudofsky.  We'll keep you posted of date and time!


::What's Happening to my Snowball Bush? and other Viburnums?!!::

The east coast of North America is particularly affected by the viburnum leaf beetle.  Common names of pest stricken shrubs are Snowball bush, High bush cranberry, arrowwood viburnum, nannyberry, wayfaring tree. Here's a picture of the LarvaeViburnum_leaf_beetle_larvae

And the Adult:


The good news is that the larvae pupate into adults within one season and the adults are killed by frost.  But, if your shrub is attacked two or three years in a row it can kill the plant. 

I NEVER recommend the use of pesticides for obvious reasons. Nature takes care of itself. Insects usually attack for only 3 years and by that time a natural predator will discover the abundant population and eat it's prey. 

The idea is to keep the tree alive until that time.

A spray made of dish liquid spraying the leaves (both top and underneath), picking off the grubs by hand and spraying the ground around the shrub as well. 

Patience is a virtue. No truer words can be written about gardening!


::Exterior Fireplaces and Firepits::

Newfoundland has a wealth of talent when it comes to custom outdoor fire areas.  Here are some ideas for your new outdoor recreation area:



Fire is a great way to enjoy the view. If you have a lot with a view, locate fire features at the edge of the property in a place where people will have a chance to enjoy the fire while taking in the surroundings.

Consider the view from indoors too. Place features where they can be easily seen from your interior living and entertainment space so people can enjoy the show indoors and out. Fire pits are almost always preferred on view lots over fireplaces.