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Project Complete

While this project has been completed for quite some time now, I am just getting around to including it in the Past Projects Gallery.  So click on the above right link and take a look!

To the most AMAZING clients: It was a true pleasure working with you.  Thank-you. I enjoyed every moment :-)


Hunza Lawn Lites

Dropped by my wonderful clients' cottage last night and took a few night shots.  These lights are SPECTACULAR!!!  In the Gallery I will be posting a whole portfolio of this property really soon.  Including before pictures.  Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Conne River flagstone path


Increasing the Value of your Home-A freebie for my followers

I thought I would share this colour sketch I drew for a client last week.  I don't have much time to go out and consult these days.  That usually picks up again in the fall for me.  Designing in CAD is what's been asked by clients lately.  I love both parts of my job!


 Landscaping your property can increase the value of your house by as much as 15%!  Realtors take note- and download this sketch to give to your clients!  It's a quick way to increase their return on investment.

A little while back Janice Wells  (The Weekend Telegram) talked about Landscapers and Designers in her column.  She mentioned that a reader was apalled that she had to pay for someone to by and look at her property.

There are two types of services being offered here and perhaps we as an industry are not explaining ourselves very well.  One service is free because the company visiting the property is really only there to estimate an installation job for you.  They don't give too much advice.

The other service being offered by our industry is consulting.  There is a fee because that's a big bulk of their business- giving advice, quickly sketching plans handing out materials list and plant ideas.  A lot of these services are given to clients who don't need an estimate or a contractor. They want to do it themselves.  Just looking for a little third party advice.

When you call a company- let them know what you are looking for and ask if that is a serivce they provide.

Print off this little sketch.  Even if your house layout is not exactly like this, the plan is quite adaptable.  Email me if you would like the plant list that goes along with the sketch at

Have wonderful day- It looks like the sun is back!!

Front Yard Sketch


Spruce Hedging

What a crazy week I had last week. So many wonderful projects happening here in Newfoundland. I love everyone's enthusiasm for beautifying their property!

During my consultations, two clients had similar issues where I provided the same solution:  Spruce Hedging.

This image I got from a Real Estate website and the listing is no longer there to give credit.  The trees provide a loose foreground to the many angles and features of the house.  Make no mistake however! There is work involved to make it look like this.  Annual pruning invites dense, thick growth.


Another spruce hedging from fasttrees Click on the image and it will give you some additional care instructions. 

I think in a post a few years ago I mentioned my non-preference for the wooden fence.  It's not that I don't like wood, it's just that it's over used! 

I would love to see more of these in Newfoundland.  You will never need to paint our stain a spruce hedge!