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::More Show Pics


::Just Sketchin'::

Rough_drawing_avery_pool This was the intial sketch of a pool that is to begin installation next week. I'll post pictures of our progress!


::Show Highlights::

Mark had a slide show presentation on an LCD Panel inserted in the 'house' frame as a faux window.  It was pure luck that I got a shot of my logo as it scrolled by.....Img_0108

I think the water display was my favourite part of the booth but it was hard to choose. It all turned out so beautifully.  Bowering Ponds and Gardens have a very talented crew. No wonder I like working with them!!!Img_0104

The coolest thing about the house portion was that behind the door we could store a few things and even go back there and have a little lunch!Img_0110

That's Mark in the black and Scott Layman from Mr. Turf in yellow.  For lawncare, Mr. Turf ROCKS!

I met a lot of fantastic people this weekend and a few old friends. I had a great time.  Denis Flanagan was our Keynote speaker from HGTV and Landscape Ontario. (Note to self: Must get a shot of the seminar area) He is such a talented designer and great person. On Saturday night, we showed him some Newfoundland hospitality on George Street and I'm sure he had a fun time.  Denis was great enough to include me in his keynote and he has an uncanny ability to make me blush :}  I look forward to seeing the crowd from 'up-a-long' really soon!


:::Set up day....We're Ready!:::

Almost 12 hours of setup today for the Landscape and Garden Show.  I'm wiped and I didn't do any of the labour! Thanks to Mark, Charles, Michael and Tim for all their hard work! Make sure you take time to come out to the Glacier this weekend. Drop by our booth and say hi.  We're not hard to me!


:::Sunny Days and CBC Radio:::

Wow. Is Spring really here?  SHHH. I'm so excited with all this beautiful weather I can no longer hold in my excitement.Shhhh.  If you are supertitious, stop reading.

For the record though, I came out of hibernation approximately 10 days ago full of vim and vigor, only to be smacked in the face with the most brutal cold I have ever experienced!  Why couldn't I get sick whilst in hibernation??? Good weather doesn't last too long in these parts and I must say ( I'm sure my husband would agree) I don't 'do' sickness very well.  I am an impatient patient. Looking at the beautiful weather from the inside was difficult.

Yesterday, in my jammies, I decided to "walk the perimeter" to see if other things were waking up and I am pleased to report there is excitement in my garden. Buds and shoots all over the place!  I resisted pushing back the mulch and other debris however.  Late spring frosts are still happening people!

So, tomorrow aft, I will be on Crosstalk on CBC Radio with Mark Bowering. It's not going to be the regular gardening show, I hope no one will be too disappointed.  Mark and I will be there to answer design and construction questions about your landscape!

In case you missed the show you can hear it here